Never-Miss Coloring Gel
Solves Drywall Finishing
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The Freedom Tower
needed to be
perfect. Nothing
could be missed.
Add Never-Miss to
your joint
compound for the
best finish.
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A Superior
Level 5 Finish
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Splash no more!
With Bucket Splash Guard.
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When it comes to producing cost effective, quality work, repetition can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Identifying avoidable costs and then doing something constructive to address them is what process improvement is all about. Never-Miss Coloring Gel is a product that addresses many of the avoidable costs present in the drywall finishing process. Whether its prepping and pre-filling, patching, progress tracking, and/or identifying common variation defects … if you can’t see the problem, you can’t fix it. Never-Miss allows you to see every aspect of the job from imperfections that need to be addressed to what stage in the finishing process the job is at.


"Never-Miss is the core solution that will enable the tradesman to more quickly and more consistently achieve the high quality of interior finishes being called for on today’s construction projects"

Conformance to high standards requires addressing the conditions that work is performed in and the conditions that the finished product will be viewed. More and more, the conditions demand a Level 5 Finish where a Level 4 is specified … unreasonable high expectations leading to low satisfaction. Final Coat by Never-Miss is a product that facilitates a quality, cost effective solution to Level 5 applications.