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Never Miss Coloring Gel

High Quality Finish

Use Never-Miss for touch up and tracking

As all drywall finishers know touch up" is both a tedious and time consuming part of drywall finishing. It is the most costly and labor intensive part of the job. Not to mention, at this phase in the process the work is being evaluated and your performance and quality is under inspection, whether by your imediate employer or the builder. Make sure your finish stands up to the test while expediting the touch-up process. Use Never-Miss, and never miss a spot again.

Never-Miss Coloring Gel Solves Drywall Finishing Problems

Using Never-Miss Coloring Gel at the start leads to better quality control at the finish. Increase your productivity every step of the way. When adding Never-Miss Coloring Gel to your joint compound you will be able to keep track of every last spot on the wall – easily seeing where you have worked and what areas still need attention. Being able to see the touch up spots quickly means a better finish with less time invested.

Never Miss will change the way you do drywall

For the tradesmen using Never-Miss will enable you to more quickly and more consistently achieve the high quality of interior finishes being called for on todays construction and home improvement projects. Never-Miss is specifically formulated with a built in primer and color indicator which will help ensure you achieve a superior finish.
Never-Miss Coloring Gel is a breakthrough formula for tinting drywall joint compound and spackle for the purpose of providing extreme visibility while eliminating paint flashing. It is used for tracking job and employee progress, during final touch up and when working patches or repairs.

High Quality Finish

Tinting drywall joint compound or spackle with Never-Miss Coloring Gel provides extreme visibility. It is used on the bed and skim coats along with final touch up and when working on patches or repairs. It can be applied in the traditional hand method, with automatic tools. or sprayed on the joints with our finishing system. Using just a small amount of Never-Miss reduces flashing and photographing thus helping to consistantly achieve a hgh quality finish on every job.

Less time and Effort

As the compound dries the color rises to the top and then sands away. The color sanding away indicates where it has been sanded thus previnting over sanding. After sanded the places that retain color indicate where touch up is required. Using Never-Miss Coloring Gel for touch up easily guides the drywall finisher back to the places to be sanded or reworked without the use of any special lighting. Spend less time and effort using Never-Miss Coloring Gel.

Patching and Resurfacing

Never see your patches and repairs again when using non flashing Never-Miss. Patches and repairs are a large part of drywall finishing. Most call backs involving patching or repairing are to fix damages caused by another trade needing to get back into the wall. When returning to the job you want to get it done and move on. This involves using quick drying joint compound. If using Quick drying joint compound Never-Miss will not accelerate or hinder the drying times but remember that drying times are always influenced by the conditions at the job site.

Look New Again

Never-Miss coloring Gel needs to be used in every application of joint compound to ensure that the repair is never seen again. Resurfacing old walls with Final Coat can make them look new again. This is done by making any repairs with never-Miss Coloring Gel and the spraying Final coat on the entire surface. This will dry a bright white, scratch resistant surface ready for finish paint, no priming required.